Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today is Thursday


Today is Thursday..
I just finished theoretical exam today,
Even though there were many things happened that were out of my control,
Even though almost every seconds thinking of something that fly away,
Even though almost every night i studied with eyes fill of tears,
Alhamdulillah i passed the exam and achieved the highest score in class..

Today is Thursday..
I am wondering,
Keep asking myself this stupid question,
Can i survive living in KL alone?
I have no one here,
I am no longer with him,
We used to hang around almost everyday,
We used to try new things and stuff together,
Face the challenges in this big city together,
But now..i am here..alone,
I feel so scared..seriously,
Feel like i just want pack up my things and get out from this hectic city,
The city that keep all our memories.

Today is Thursday..
It is raining outside,
Sometimes i wish i had wings,
So that i can fly to you,
But i know, i can't..


  1. congrats ler dpt higher marks!!caya lah..
    for love things,xleh nk wat ape la. just sabar byk2..mgkin dia bkn yang terbaik tok ko..mgkin allah telah perkenankan doa ko slama ni, nk lelaki yang baik jadi teman hidup ko dengan memutuskn hubungan ko ngan dia..fikir2 kan

  2. thanks cik arija..i really need support and strength right now..perlu ketabahan dan kekuatan yg luar biasa sekarang..